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Stacie KrupaStacie Krupa has been a long time Florida resident since 1970. Stacie has always been creative and had a talent for art since she can remember. Stacie attended the University of Central Florida where she received her Bachelors degree in Psychology. Then through the encouragement of the Fine Art Department staff at the University of Central Florida, Stacie decided to have a career in what she was passionate about, Art. Stacie continued her studies and graduated with awards and high honors in Drawing, Painting and Fibers to give her a Bachelor degree in Fine Art. Through hard work, long studio hours and determination, Stacie has received many awards and recognition for her talents in the fine art community. After graduation, Stacie was one of two artist chosen from all over the world to study post-baccaularate study at the oldest art school in the United States, The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art in Philadelphia. Stacie was able to interact and study with some of the most prominent and established artist and upcoming artist of our time.
For late 1999 and 2000, I went back to what I considered my basics and decided to just, "draw" again to create my paintings. I majored In Drawing and Painting in Graduate Studies at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Maryland Institute College of Art and University of Miami and I especially enjoy it over traditional painting. I have explored many subject matter and I have always found fish of all kinds, especially saltwater, to be one of the most personally Inspiring. I've always loved animals, outdoors and the ocean, especially fish and fishing. My newest creations focus on a variety of my favorite fish as they simply float yet conflict with the background.
I put a plain background In my first fish pieces of 2000, as If they were on a huge piece of paper. I carefully and spontaneously add washes of color, natural hues and some vibrant day-gloss to build my space. I have always had a very heavy tendency to use black in my work. Black, a misunderstood color, believed to created conflict and disturb.
I worked this for a while, but in the new late 1999-2000 pieces, I have avoided black except in very small spaces and feel that I will still cut it out all together.

Permit Comfy Tuan Torpedo Tahiti Tyrant Permit Pasted Popsicle Poppy Bonefish Algae Party Crasher
47" x 46" Mixed Media 48" x 47" Mixed Media 40" X 30" Mixed Media 36" X 24" Mixed Media
$ 4,200.00 $ 4,200.00 $ 3,200.00 $ 2,800.00

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