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Hurricanes Redbone Rods

If you're looking for the very best saltwater rod series on the market, then Redbone is the series for you. These extremely rich-looking rods were designed by charter captains, so you know they are durable and dependable. Constructed of IM7 Graphite, their lightness and strength is a major advantage for saltwater fishing.

"Named for the one of the world's premier flats-fishing tournaments, Hurricane's new Redbone Rods have to be good. The famous Redbone Celebrity Tournament Series combines camaraderie among fishermen with top-notch angling while raising money for cystic fibrosis research.

Constructed of IM7 graphite, Redbone one-piece spinning and casting models feature blank-through-handle design, hook keepers, genuine cork grips, Fuji guides and graphite reel seats. Anglers can choose from a selection of eleven spinning rods in 6 1/2-, 7- and 7 1/2-foot lengths with various line ratings from 4 to 30 pounds. Nine different casting models offer lengths of 6, 6½ and 7 feet; line ratings vary from 8 to 40 pounds.

Redbone spinning and casting rods retail for $99.95. The Redbone Rod Series also includes offshore models and Hurricane will donate a percentage of the sale of these rods toward efforts to fight cystic fibrosis."

All Hurricane Redbone rods come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. To claim a warranty on your Redbone Rod, please contact 1-800-622-9662 or visit REDBONEŽ PERFORMANCE SALT TACKLE.

For more info, visit the REDBONE PERFORMANCE website!

Redbone Hurricane Rods

Order your Hurricane Redbone Rod:

Spinning and Casting Rods

  • Performance-Tuned Actions
  • IM7 Blank-Through-Handle Construction
  • Fuji Graphite Reel Seat
  • Fuji New Concept Guides
  • Genuine Cork Grip and Hook Keeper

  • Spinning Rods

    Hurricane Redbone Spinning Rods

    Model No. Length Pieces Action Recommended
    Line in lb. Test
    Lure Wt. (oz)  
     RDB-701MLS 7' 1 ML 6-12 1/4-1/2 Order
     RDB-701MS 7' 1 M 8-17 3/8-3/4 Order
     RDB-701MHS 7' 1 MH 10-20 3/8-1 Order
     RDB-701HS 7' 1 H 15-30 1-2 Order
     RDB-701XHS 7' 1 XH 15-40 1-3 Order
     RDB-761MS 7'6" 1 M 8-17 3/8-3/4 Order
     RDB-761MHS 7'6" 1 MH 10-20 3/8-1 Order
     RDB-761HS 7'6" 1 H 15-30 1/2 Order
     RDB-761MLS 7'6" 1 ML 8-15 3/8-3/4 Order
     RDB-762MS 7'6" 2 M 8-17 3/8-3/4 Order

    Casting Rods

    Model No. Length Pieces Action Recommended
    Line in lb. Test
    Lure Wt. (oz)  
     RDB-701MOS 7' 1 M 10-20 3/8-1 Order
     RDB-701MHOS 7' 1 MH 10-20 3/8-1 Order
     RDB-701HOS 7' 1 H 17-40 1-3 Order

    Fly Rods

    The 4-piece design of the Redbone Performance Fly rods travel well without sacrificing performance. They feature a tapered IM7 high modulus graphite blank and come with a plastic rod case and protective rod sleeve.

    Hurricane Redbone Fly Rods

    Model No. Length Pieces Weight Rod Style  
     RDB-FR908-4 9' 4 8 WT Fly Order
     RDB-FR909-4 9' 4 9 WT Fly Order

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