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Alan Robinson
Alan James Robinson and the award-winning Press of the Sea Turtle, are pleased to present SALTWATER GRAND SLAM, a very limited edition of 176 copies. Two different editions are available. 150 books include an extra suite of prints, and 26 Extra-Illustrated copies feature ten original watercolors. Hand-bound in quarter vellum in a large format, measuring 11" x 15", all protected in a linen tray case. The text is set in Centaur foundry type.

The illustrations include 42 original prints, worth over $6,000.00 if purchased separately. Robinson created ten 7"x 10" hand watercolored etchings depicting portraits as well as action compositions, eight original wood engravings and twenty-four black and white linecuts.

Original Artwork by Alan James Robinson

A Collection of Original Texts by Dick Brown
Jeffrey Cardenas
John Cole Chico Fernandez
Sandy Moret
Billy Pate
Jack Samson

"The Longest Silence" by Thomas McGuane
Introduction by Jeffrey Cardenas
Afterward by Gene Hill