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Diane Rome Peebles
Diane Rome Peebles is a well-known name in marine conservation stamp competitions. She's won more of these contests than any other artist. Diane's realistic illustrations of fish have been published in nationaland international marine research publications. And the state of Florida commissioned her to create several hundred illustrations of its native fish.Diane arrived here in 1982 after earning her degree in biological illustrationfrom Tulane, which gave her a full scholarship. An avid angler since childhood, Diane loves to catch a firsthand look at her subjects whenever possible.
Image size 12" x 22"
Original oil on mounted linen - $1,250.00

Image size 13" x 18"
Original oil on mounted linen - $2,800.00

Image size 41" x 45"
Original oil on mounted linen - $8.800.00

Image size 28" x 42"
Original oil on mounted linen - $7,800.00