Redbone Celebrity Tournament Series
Redbone ~ Celebrating the Adventurous Lifestyle

BP Amoco Lowcountry Red Trout Celebrity Classic
Presented by Hendrick Automotive Group of Charleston

2012 Tournament RESULTS

Grand Champion Angler- Andrew Culbreth
Guide to Grand Champion Angler- Champ Smith
1st Runner-Up Grand Champion Angler- Ken Holseberg
Guide to Runner-Up Grand Champion Angler- Champ Smith
2nd Runner-Up Grand Champion Angler- Rhett Reidenbach
Guide to 2nd Runner-Up Grand Champion Angler- Shane Sinclair
Celebrity Grand Champion Angler Team- Ed Marinaro and Jack Marchette
Guide to Celebrity Grand Champion Angler- Jeremy Espiritu
Team Grand Champion Anglers- Andrew Culbreth and Ken Holseberg
Guide to Team Grand Champion Anglers- Champ Smith
Runner-Up Team Grand Champion Anglers- Rhett Reidenbach/Wess Wilson/Matt Sloan
Guide to Runner-Up Team Grand Champion Anglers- Shane Sinclair
Spin/Plug Division Champion- Andrew Culbreth
Guide to Spin/Plug Division Champion- Champ Smith
Fly Division Champion- Ron Silverman
Guide to Fly Division Champion- David Camp
Most Red Fish Releases- Andrew Culbreth
Guide to Most Red Fish Releases- Champ Smith
Most Trout Release- Adrian Palacios Jr.
Guide to Most Trout Releases- Julian Hopkins
Largest Redfish- Clay McCullough
Guide to Largest Redfish- Travis Craven
Largest Trout- Adrian Palacios Sr.
Guide to Largest Trout- Julian Hopkins
Junior Angler Division Champion- Harrison Whatley
Guide to Junior Angler Division Champion- Chris Owens
Lady Angler Division Champion- Sarah Walker
Guide to Lady Angler Division Champion- Scott Connelly

1. Champ Smith 9775pts
2. Shane Sinclair 4525 pts
3. Chris Keen 3150 pts
4. Julian Hopkins 2875 pts
5. Addison Rupert 2650 pts
6. David Camp 2000pts
7. John Ward 1675 pts
8. Stephen Fields 1575 pts
9. Clay Duffie 1550 pts
10. Blake Lipscomb 1525 pts
11. Mitch Barber1450 pts
12. John Fuss/Danny Neese 1450 pts
13. Rich Harris 1075 pts
14. John Cox 750 pts
15. Ben Hodges 750 pts
16. Greg Anderson 725 pts
17. Max Hare 675 pts
18. Joe Benton 650 pts
19. Scott Connelly 600 pts
20. Richard Stuhr 425 pts
21. Mike Tucker 425 pts
22. Chris Owens 275 pts

Lady Angler Division Champion
Sarah Walker

Celebrity Angler
Ed Marinaro

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