The Mercury Redbone @ Large

P.F.L.G.A. Montauk Redbone

Mercury Redbone celebrity fishing tournament at
Montauk, Long Island, NY is canceled.
Called off out of respect for victims and
relatives in wake of horrible tragedy.

MONTAUK, Long Island, NY. – In light of the horrific situation in nearby New York City, event officials have canceled the first Mercury Outboards/P.F.L.G.A. Montauk Redbone celebrity-fishing tournament that had been scheduled for September 19 – 21.

"Out of respect for the victims and the many people so closely affected by the ghastly events at the World Trade Center and lower Manhattan area, we have called off the fishing event," said Redbone tournament director Gary Ellis. "We just didn’t think it was appropriate to have the tournament at this time.

"Many of the committee members, sponsors and anglers of the tournament were attached in some way to the victims and families suffering in this tragedy," said Ellis.
The tournament, which benefits cystic fibrosis research, had been sold out at 40 boats with anglers, celebrities and guides.

It had been the newest in the growing number of Mercury Redbone @ Large series events for CF cure research around the country, which began in the Florida Keys 14 years ago.

Ellis said the Montauk tournament would be rescheduled for next year on September 18 – 20, 2002.

"Our prayers and thoughts go out to the tens of thousands of victims, families and relatives and the heroic efforts of the many relief workers and volunteers at the disaster scene," Ellis said.

For further information about future Mercury Redbone 2001 Tournaments for CF, please call Susan Ellis in Islamorada, the Florida Keys, at 305-664-2002 or email.

CONTACT: Pete Johnson
Johnson Communications, at 480-951-3654

Montauk Yacht Club, Long Island, N.Y.