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Rush Bowles

Rush Bowles was born in South Miami, Florida in 1975 and developed a combination of artistic visions through the reflection of the South Florida Environment. Lighting the imagination through the visual explosion of colors, clashing of patterns and rhythmic shapes, Rush's works expresses the complexity and diversity of the world he experiences. Sharpening his talents over the years and working from the University of Miami, Florida International University and Florida States University's International Florence, Italy, programs, his style has become stunning. Having been mentored by Beber Silverstein and Partners Advertising Agency and the chance to work with such entities as; The Baskin Palmer Eye Institute, Bawls llc, Jageermiter and The Miami Dolphins Foundation, Rush's art works has the ability to inspire the imagination of many visual audiences. Today, Rush's work can be found in Redbone Gallery in Islamorada, fl. and Amat Gallery in Miami, Fl.

Rush Bowles
Barley Legal
18" x 36"
Rush Bowles
Fall in the Abacos
30" x 48"

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